Ad Sum – Our Family Association’s News Bulletin

The very first news bulletin, originally entitled : La Famille Trudel(le) au Canada (i.e. The Trudel(le) Family in Canada) was published in March 1947. Father Paul-Eugène Trudel was Editor-in-Chief. In this first issue, our association’s first president Hubert Trudel wrote:

As its name indicates, this news bulletin will be yours, if you want it to be. Anyone whose family name is Trudel or one of its variants, anyone who is a descendant of Jean Trudel and anyone who is a Trudel ally can be considered a part of the great Trudel Family.

Unfortunately, in 1962 when Father Paul-Eugène passed away, the Trudel Family Association seemed to die with him. The association almost disappeared for a while, as did the news bulletin. Fortunately, when the association was reborn in 1993, the news bulletin resurfaced as well.

These days, the news bulletin is published three times a year. It serves as a way for all Trudel(l)(le)s to keep in touch. It allows the Board of Directors to inform members on current and/or upcoming events. Furthermore, it helps to keep our family’s history alive.

Volunteers do an enormous amount of work by doing a lot of the writing, translating, editing, typesetting etc. Members are invited to submit articles. Each issue requires an extraordinary amount of love and work!

Thank you to all of our volunteers and long live Ad Sum!

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