Fundraising Activities

2019 Fundraising Activity Results


The 2019 Fundraising Draw was held on June 1st at the Annual Family Gathering held in Laval QC.

This year, once again many Trudelles, Trudells and Trudels participated in our annual fundraising event.  We hope you know that the Board of Directors is extremely grateful when you respond so generously as your contributions make it possible for us to preserve our ancestral land and our monument in Boischatel.

Your generosity also gives a good boost to all of the volunteers who work hard to keep the heritage of our ancestors (Jean Trudelle and Marguerite Thomas), clean and inviting.  You might be surprised to see the high volume of people who stop by the monument every year.  They often comment on how lucky we are to have such a wonderful tribute to our ancestors and to our family.

Of course, if you were unable to participate in this year’s fundraising draw, you can always add a donation for the monument and ancestral land preservation, to your membership renewal, when it comes up again.

This year’s draw made a number of happy winners.  To see who these fortunate members were, please see the following chart.

Please note that all of this year’s winners had taken advantage of this year’s new formula and had thus doubled (or tripled) their chances of winning.

Louison Trudel (100)

Fundraising Activity Coordinator

1st prize    $100.00  Ms. Denise Lemay Trudel

Member # : 1835

Québec City (Québec)

2nd prize     $50.00 Ms. Hermine Trudel

Member # : 702

Montréal (Québec)

3rd prize   A Marianne Trudel CD

Jazz Music

                Marianne Trudel is a world renowned composer and pianist.

Ms. Raymonde Trudel

Member # : 398

Sainte-Thècle (Québec)

4th prize    « Du mercure sous la langue »

                A novel written by award winning author: Sylvain Trudel

Mr. Robin Edward Trudel

Member # : 815

Dracut, Maine USA

5th prize A Clément Samson CD

               Clément is a very talented performer who entertained participants at this year’s Annual Family Gathering in Laval.  If you go onto our Facebook page, you can see some of our members dancing to Clément’s music.  Clément was kind enough to offer this CD as a 5th gift for this year’s draw.  Thanks again Clément!


Mr. Pierre Trudel

Member # : 474

Saint-Lambert (Québec)