Our Mission Statement

The Trudel(le) Family Association of America aims at promoting the heritage and the collective memory of Trudel(le) families.

One of our major goals is to study, record and publish information regarding Jean Trudel and Marguerite Thomas’s descendants.

We publish a news bulletin, organize family gatherings and help Trudel(le)s to keep in touch with one another. We also work to preserve our ancestor’s land and the Trudel(le) family monument.

Furthermore, we are committed to supplying tools and helping all Trudel(le)s who are interested in their family history; allowing them to quench their thirst of knowledge.

Our news bulletin and our website are important tools help to keep the family together. The news bulletin “Ad Sum” (inspired by our family’s motto) is published three times a year. In it, you will find interesting articles regarding our ancestors as well as some current events. Members are invited to contribute articles. You can read about past accomplishments and upcoming projects. Of course, the bulletin is used by the Board of Directors to keep in touch with all of the association’s membership.

In order to preserve our family’s history as much as possible, many archival items (including a large sum of documents that were previously owned by Father Paul-Eugène Trudel) have been deposited in the Province of Quebec’s National Archives. Our Archival Committee continues working on the preservation and conservation of our family’s archives.

Our association is also a proud member of the Quebec Federation of Founding Families. We often participate in activities organized by the federation and use a number of their services (including website support and news bulletin publication).

Over the years, an important project that has been of great interest to all Boards of Directors; that is to update our family genealogy, from 1955 up to this day. A special committee originally launched by Henri-Paul Trudel, and then followed up by Régis Trudel and Louis-Marc Trudel, undertook the colossal task of collecting and merging the new data to existing records. Today’s Genealogy Committee (led by Claude Trudel) continues this work.

In essence, our goal is to add new generations to the “Red Book”. In order to continue this project, all Trudel(le) cousins are asked to send in the information they have, in order for us to continue the work that was undertaken by Father Paul-Eugène. (For further information regarding this project, please consult our soon to be completed “Genealogy” section)

Furthermore, as Father Paul-Eugène’s work is now quite difficult to find; in 2001, the Genealogy Committee computerized all the data which appears in the Red Book and you can now purchase a CD Rom version.

(Please consult our soon to be completed “News and Promotional Items” section for more information on how to obtain your own copy.)

Elsewhere, on this site, you will find more information on certain subjects dealt with in this text. We hope you will enjoy them and that they will help you to become more familiar with our association and, (why not?), to develop a deep feeling of belonging to our family.