How to become a member of the Trudel(le) Family Association?
Please fill out this form to update our data base regarding your branch of the family

Now that you have found our website, we would encourage you to join our association!

Furthermore, why not take a few minutes to update our data bank? This way you can write your own page in the Trudel(le) family archives. Who knows, maybe your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren or your great-great- grandchildren (etc.) will one day be happy to read about you?

If today is not a good day for you to send us your application form, please do feel free to send us your information. You (your partner, your children and your grandchildren) are an important part of the Trudel(le) family.

(Please note: Membership dues need to be renewed on March 31st.)


    • Preserving, sharing and promoting Trudel(le) family history.
    • Maintaining our family’s ancestral land and our monument (both are located in Boischatel, QC)
    • Recording our family history in the tradition of Father Paul-Eugène (writer of the Red Book).
    • Publishing the Trudel(le) Family Association’s Bulletin.
    • Maintaining a website to facilitate contacts with Trudel(le) family members.
    • Helping people who want to know more about their family tree.
    • Organizing regular activities to break isolation and to create more family links.
    • Raising funds to help preserve the Trudel(le) family history and to better further communication.

Benefits of becoming a member

When you become a member and pay your annual dues, you will:

    • Become a member of the only official Trudel(le)Family Association
    • Receive the Association’s Family News bulletin (three times a year)
    • Have access to privileged information regarding the Trudel(le) family
    • Be advised in writing about all of the upcoming Trudel(le) family events
    • Contribute to preserving the Trudel(le) family history and its legacy


A regular member receives our regular newsletter: ”AD SUM – J’Y SUIS!“ (published 3 times a year)as well as other publications (ex. ADSUM EXPRESS) when they are available.
Regular members are entitled to vote at our Annual General Meeting and at other special meetings. Regular members pay an annual membership fee. Membership dues for regular members are currently set at $30.00 per year.

An affiliated member is someone who resides with a regular member (i.e : same address) and therefore receives no correspondence. Affiliated members have the same rights as regular members do. However, as they do not receive our newsletters, they are entitled to a reduced membership fee. Currently, membership dues for affiliated members are set at $15.00 per year.

A benefactor member has the same rights and privileges that a regular member
has, but chooses to pay a higher membership fee (currently, $50.00 per year).

Please note that membership dues are subject to change. In fact, as of April 1st, 2016, some of our rates have been changed. Thank you for understanding and for your support.