Our Ancestral Land in Quebec

On November 24th 1909, a few Trudel(le)s got together to discuss an important project. They wanted to erect a commemorative monument where ancestor Jean Trudelle’s land. More specifically, they wanted to build this monument on the foundations of Jean Trudelle’s first home in Quebec.

It was unanimously decided to submit the idea to all Trudel(le) descendants and to ask them to financially help turn this dream into a reality. A piece of land located on lot 196 in L’Ange- Gardien (today- Boischatel) was graciously donated to the Trudel(le) Family by Mr. François Doyon.

Former Government of Quebec architect, Alfred Trudelle, designed the monument and had it built by the firm “Laforce et frère” (marble specialists from Quebec City). Construction began on August 23rd 1910, and was completed two weeks later, on September 1st, 1910. The helmet on the head of the monument, was sculpted by Georges Trudelle.

Before building the monument, some excavation work was required. A number of stones from Jean Trudelle’s original family home’s foundation, were discovered at this time. Each of these stones was integrated into the monument. A small wooden cross, which had originally been erected on site in 1873, was also found. This cross was safely buried underneath the monument. The total cost of this project was one thousand dollars.

The monument’s base is approximately four feet high and the main part of the monument is approximately twenty-five feet high. Therefore, the total height of the monument (including the helmet) is approximately thirty feet. Furthermore, the monument weighs approximately thirty-two tons.

As for the symbols on the monument, here’s a list of what each one of them represents:

  • The cross- faith
  • The axe- the settler
  • The scythe – the crops
  • The ornamental leaves-abundance
  • 1645 – the year Jean Trudelle arrived in Canada
  • Ad Sum- the family motto (Here I Am)
  • The chalice – the first mass celebrated in L’Ange-Gardien
  • 1664- the year the said first mass was celebrated
  • The coat of arms- (see our section on the Coat of Arms) The Trudel(le) coat of arms which Frenchman Adrien Trudelle received when he was knighted in 1696.
  • The helmet – nobility and love for the country

The monument is located near Highway 138 along the St-Lawrence. In order to visit the monument, if are travelling from Quebec City take Highway 138 (past the Montmorency Falls) and turn left at the lights at the corner of Dugal Street (Rue Dugal) and head west (only a few miles away) until you see the monument on your right. If you are travelling from Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré, turn right at the corner of Highway 138 and Dugal Street; then, head west until you see the monument on your right.

Where to find the monument…