The Genealogy committee

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One of the Trudel(le) Family Association’s mandates is to preserve the collective memory of our family’s history. In order to do so, a genealogy committee was created in 1996. Since then, the committee has worked to:

  • Correct mistakes that appeared in Father Paul-Eugène’s Red Book “1955 Généalogie de la famille Trudel (Trudelle) en Amérique.”

Here’s an example: (taken from the first section of the Red Book)

History (on page 105) the number of descendants was incorrect. Here is the updated version:

Generation Pierre Nicolas Antoine Philippe Jean Joseph
III 18 10 4 13 14 3 62
IV 71 12 11 35 101 0 230
V 135 15 90 37 150 0 427
VI 249 17 126 78 374 0 844
VII 378 72 350 107 932 0 1 839
VIII 738 96 614 182 1 625 0 3 255
IX 1 050 198 970 245 2 338 0 4 801
Total 2 639 420 2 165 697 5 534 3 11 458

Note : All of the people accounted for in the chart above, are direct descendants of our first ancestors in North America – Jean Trudel and Marguerite Thomas.

  • Collect and record data regarding Trudel(l)(le) descendants as of 1955 in order to update our family tree and to add to the colossal work done by Father Paul-Eugène.
  • Make the information in the Red Book, accessible to all interested parties.
  • Respond to questions asked by our association’s members, by all Trudel(l)(le) descendants and by all other persons interested in our family history. We will strive to do this using all appropriate media (including the internet).
  • Produce articles regarding our family history and genealogy using our news bulletins “Ad Sum” and “Ad Sum Express”.
  • Help new members write their family tree . On this page you will find one of our member’s family tree.

Here’s a brief example of what a Trudel(le) Family Tree can look like:

1st Generation
Trudel, Jean — — —
Parfondeval, France
Marguerite NOYER

2nd Generation
Trudel, Jean Novermber 14th, 1655
Marguerite THOMAS
Jean et Marguerite Frédy
3rd Generation
Trudel, Jean August 1st, 1691
Jean et Anne Letarte
4th Generation
Trudel, Gabriel September 10th, 1724
Angélique GRÉGOIRE
François et Marie-Anne Liénart

And so on and so forth, up to (in this member’s case) the 12th Generation.

Family Tree

  • The Genealogy Committee participates in various fairs and conferences, gathering information and sharing genealogical information.
  • So far, the Genealogical Committee has collected information regarding over 50,000 Trudel(l)(le) descendants. This information is available to:
  • New and existing Trudel(le) Family Association Inc. members.
  • All Trudel(l)(le)s interested in finding out more about their roots.
  • Anyone and everyone who is interested in Genealogy and more specifically in Trudel(l)(le) family history.

Please Note: Anyone having information about Trudel(l)(le) Genealogy is invited to share this information with us via our website.

For any information regarding Trudel(l)(le) Family Genealogy, or to update our data base or to correct any erroneous data, please contact:

Claude Trudel (547)
Genealogy Committee Coordinator
Phone: (819)537-7381

Or in English:

Jacques Trudel (1105)
Genealogy Committee Coordinator
Phone: (450)674-9507