Our Association’s History

The Trudel(le) Family Association’s History

Although The Trudel(le) Family Association was incorporated in 1950, the association’s
story began much earlier. Father Paul-Eugène Trudel (his name at birth was ‘Alphonse’)
was the association’s ‘soul’ and major driving force. Two of his brothers, Ulric
(the elder) and Hubert (the baby of the family) were also quite involved in Paul-Eugène’s
work. It has been said that the Trudel(le) family was perhaps one of the first families
in Quebec to gather to socialize and to study its family’s genealogy.

It was in 1908 that a group of Trudel(le)s got together to purchase a lot of land
from Jean Trudelle’s original land in the Quebec City area. In fact, on top of what
was once the foundation of our ancestor’s home, a cross honouring the spot had been
planted there in 1873.

This lot of land can now be found in what is now considered Boischatel. Our monument
was erected on our ancestor’s land on the North Shore of the St-Lawrence Seaway,
two kilometres east of the Montmorency Falls, opposite the Island of Orléans (in
fact it is quite near the bridge to get to the Island of Orléans).

The said monument was built in 1910 thanks to the generosity and to the initiative
of the original committee members. The monument can now be found a little further
North from where it was originally established, as in 1976, the original spot had
to be given up for the construction of the highway leading up to Sainte-Anne de
Beaupré. Fortunately, in 1951 the association had the foresight to acquire some
additional land close to where the monument was standing.

Our family crest and motto also date back from 1910. The committee felt that having
a crest and motto would boost family pride and would help to solidify the links
between all Trudel(le)s, regardless of which side of the Atlantic Ocean they were
born on.

For more information regarding our monument, our coat of arms, our ancestral land,
please click here.

From 1936 to 1945, a number of regional committees were quite active. Here’s a listing
of some of the committees and some names of our cousins who presided them.

  • Montreal: Mr. J. Armand Trudelle and Mr. Paul-Émile Trudel
  • Quebec City: Mr. Richard Trudel and Mr. Loïc Trudel
  • Trois-Rivières: Mr. Georges Trudel and Father Paul-Eugène Trudel
  • Ottawa: Mr. Edgar Trudel
  • Abitibi: Mr. Fortunat Trudel
  • Massachussetts: Mr. Pierre Gilbert

In 1945, the association also adopted a flag (for more information regarding the
flag, please click here). The association also chose the daisy (in French la ‘marguerite’)
in honor three important ‘marguerites’ in our ancestor Jean Trudelle’s life: his
mother, his wife and his mother-in-law were all named ‘Marguerite’ (the French version
of ‘Margaret’).

On October 5th 1947, numerous Trudel(le)s gathered in the Cap-de-la –Madelaine (near
Trois-Rivières) to participate in an annual workers’ pilgrimage there. A special
mass was lead in part by Monsignor Hormidas Trudel.

1947 was also the first year the Trudel(le) Family’s News Bulletin was first issued.
In the beginning, the bulletin was published three or four times a year. Father
Paul-Eugène acted as Editor-in-Chief. At the time, the news bulletin’s address list
had close to 3,500 names.

Of course, Father Paul-Eugène’s masterpiece was the Red Book. An interesting ‘tid
bit’ about the Red Book, is that its publication was made possible thanks to the
advance purchase (at $20.00 per copy) of approximately 300 copies to cover the initial
costs of the ‘risky’ publication. For more information, regarding the Red Book,
please click here.

In 1955, in honor of the 300th Wedding Anniversary of Jean Trudelle and Marguerite
Thomas, an important commemorative event was organized around the Trudel(le) Family
Monument. Many, many Trudel(le)s from all over North America eagerly participated
in this memorable event. A commemorative picture of this event is available for
purchase in our promotional items.

Father Paul-Eugène passed away in 1962. A family gathering was held in Cap-de-la-
Madelaine the following year(1963). Then, the association rested for a time…


Now, let’s talk about our association’s life as a corporation. In 1910, when the
monument was built, talk of officially creating a Trudel(le) family association
was heard, but nothing actually came of it.

In 1936, the idea of an official association came up again. Finally, in 1944 a special
‘commission’ made up of members from existing committees wrote up a ‘special commission’.

Jean Trudel (a lawyer) did a lot of research regarding this project. However, it
was Laurent Trudel ( a notary) who actually ended up drawing the paperwork, negotiating
and writing the text for the legal charter. On May 23rd, 1950 the official request
for incorporation was sent to Honourable Doctor Marc Trudel who was Minister of
State at the time. The request was then transferred to the Provincial Secretary
of State who on June 6th 1950, issued a favourable response. And so, on June 6th
1950 a legal charter was issued under the name of LA FAMILLE TRUDEL(LE) INCORPORÉE.
An official notice regarding the association’s incorporation appeared in the “Gazette
officielle du Québec” on July, 22nd 1950.

The first official Board of Directors was made up of:

  • Mr. Hubert Trudel (President)
  • Mr. Georges Trudel (Vice-President)
  • Mr. Albert Trudel (Secretary-Treasurer)

As previously stated, our monument was moved in 1976. At that moment, Father Jean-Marie
Trudel and Mr. Jean Trudelle had the opportunity to look at the monuments our ancestors
had placed in the monument’s base in 1910. Since then, these precious documents
have been put into a lead ‘time capsule’, which in turn has been replaced in the
monument’s base for future generations of Trudel(le)s to re-discover.

From 1976 to October 1990, Father Jean-Marie Trudel took on most of the responsibility
(particularly the financial aspect) of taking care of the monument and our plot
of land. Upon his death in 1990, our association had become relatively ‘dormant’.
Father Jean-Marie Trudel’s immediate family kept up the financial obligations relevant
to our land and monument.

However, in the fall of 1992, Mrs. Antoinette Trudel (Father Jean-Marie’s sister)
received an unexpected and unusually high bill from the city of Boischatel. It was
a special tax related to the installation of a new sewer system for Dugal Street,
the street on which our monument was located.

As Antoinette could not afford to pay this bill, she contacted her brother André
Trudel who would become the first president of the newly reborn association. As
Antoinette and André did not feel that they couldn’t nor shouldn’t decide of the
future of the family monument and property, they formed a temporary steering committee
and invited Antoinette’s nephew Michel Trudel to participate.

On February 6th 1993, a founding meeting was held. The steering committee called
and/or wrote to as many Trudel(le)s as they could. They even put ads in a number
of newspapers and other media inviting Trudel(le)s to attend this first meeting.
A number of people responded positively, including some people who lived quite far
away. In light of the positive response, it was decided to create a committee and
a re-launch of the association was done on the spot. At this same meeting, it was
decided that an annual membership fee of $10.00 would be instituted. It was also
decided that everything should be done to preserve our ancestor’s land and our monument.
Furthermore, the ramifications of the association’s rebirth should be extended to
all members of the Trudel(le) family.

To facilitate things, the association’s “head office” was set up in Sainte-Foy (in
the Quebec City area). A Board of Directors was named. At the time all of the directors
were exclusively from this area. Since then, in order to increase member participation
from all over, the Board of Directors is now made up of Directors from all over.

Although the majority of the association’s members are from the province of Quebec,
the association now boasts members from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario,
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Labrador. We also have members living
in Europe. Over the past few years, we have also been quite happy to welcome more
and more American members!