The Red Book

English version of the Red Book

60 years ago (1955), the French Version of the Red Book was finally available. Frankly,
I can’t imagine how many hours went into the production of one of our family’s most
important heirlooms.

That being said, isn’t it time this generation started working on an English Version?
Well, at least that is what the current Board of Directors feels. So, the Board
of Directors has asked me to lead this project. Over the years some of you have
mentioned you might be willing to help the association with the translation. Are
you still interested/available? Do you know anyone else who might be interested?
As we don’t want to spend 20 years or so working on this, we are looking for a number
of translators and editors.

I know that for me, producing an English Version of the Red Book will undoubtedly
be one of the most important projects of my life. Generations of Trudel(l)(le)s
will be grateful to anyone who helps with this project.

Please drop me a line at:
if you would like to help.

By the way, to give you an idea of what the English Version of the Red Book could
look like, here’s
a draft of the
very first extract! Consider it our 60th Anniversary 60th Anniversary
Gift to you! Enjoy!

(P.S. Wish me good luck!)

Jacques Trudel (1105)

Liaison with English Speaking Members

Translation Coordinator

Our family has had the incredible fortune of having among its membership, Father
Paul-Eugène Trudel who (with the help of his two brothers) researched, compiled
and wrote the Trudel(le) Family’s first genealogy.

In 1955, Father Paul-Eugène published his findings under the title “La généalogie
de la famille Trudel(le)”, commonly known as the Red Book. One of
Father Paul-Eugène’s goals was to list the names of all of the North-American descendants
of Jean Trudelle and Marguerite Thomas, from 1655 to 1955. With its 1,064 pages
(including 11,458 entries), the Red Book looks and reads like a huge
dictionary or an encyclopedia on the Trudel(le) family.

Many of the people listed, had pictures and/or accompanying biographies. Whereas,
for others, only names, places and/or dates of births appear.

  • Unfortunately, hard copies of Father Paul-Eugène’s works are now quite hard to find.
    On the other hand, as of 2001 a CD copy of the data appearing in the Red Book
    is now available for purchase. (If you would like to obtain a copy, please consult
    our News and Promotional Items section; or contact one of our Board Members.) Please
    note that the CD does not include any of the pictures which originally appeared
    in the Red Book.
  • However, as of 2008, a book (and an accompanying CD) entitled: “ L’épopée de
    nos ancêtres en terre d’Amérique
    », which is essentially a re-print of the
    Red Book
    ’s ten first chapters (including all of the original pictures)
    is now also available.
  • Please note that one of the Genealogy Committee’s main goals is to continue Father
    Paul-Eugène’s work. Please do send us any relevant information you may have, so
    we may continue to record our family’s history.